C&C is a nonprofit project offering a full suite of free K-12 resources for teaching copyright and fair use. C&C ambassadors presented at CSLA 2021. See session descriptions below. You can access the recordings on the CSLA Conference Session Recordings page using your login credentials. 

Conference Handouts

We printed 11×17 glossy posters that we would be happy to mail to your schools, free of charge, to post in your libraries and classrooms. Send a request by emailing: [email protected].

C&C Curriculum
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10 Things You Should Know
About Copyright

Free Speech, Copyright,
and Fair Use

“You Can’t Have the 4 C’s without the 5th C: Copyright Connections”

Feb 19 @ 10 AM
Presented by Julie Jamieson

Participants will learn how copyright and fair use are relevant to online activities that students engage in each day such as creating videos, infographics, podcasts, and presentations. The 4 C’s (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity) are crucial to student learning in the digital age, but so is teaching students ethical uses of copyright and how it applies to them as creators and publishers. This session will cover practical ways to embed copyright instruction into other subject areas by using the free Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens curriculum. Specific examples of how parts of the curriculum can easily be integrated into their own content area will be shown, along with project ideas for students to put into practice what they learn about applying copyright to their creations.


“Ending Copyright Confusion and It’s All FREE!”

Feb 20 at 10 AM
Presented by: Dana Greenspan & Brittany Fleming

Come join C&C as we share our free K-12 materials (Creative Commons licensed), including curriculum, PD, and added resources, such as infographics, plug-n-play slides, lesson plans, and tips for using copyrighted materials in distance learning.  These materials provide accessible and practical information about copyright – its protections, its limitations, and its role in encouraging creativity. Rather than emphasizing what copyright prohibits, we offer useful and positive information about what copyright allows and how students can successfully navigate and rely on copyright in their own roles as creators. 


Julie Jamieson is a school librarian at East High School in the Ft. Zumwalt School District in St. Peters, Missouri. She is currently the district curriculum coordinator for all K-12 school libraries at Ft. Zumwalt, a large district comprised of 16 elementary buildings, four middle schools, and four high schools. She is the Missouri Ambassador for the non-profit organization Copyright and Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens. Julie is a member of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) and is an active leader of the Missouri Association of School Librarians (MASL) organization and is serving as vice-president of the Greater St. Louis School Librarians Association. She is a Google Certified Educator, Flipgrid Certified Educator, and presents at education conferences such as AASL, MASL, Google Summits, and EdCamps. Julie is a dedicated educator who is always looking for innovative ways to help her students and staff grow as readers and citizens of a digitally connected world. 


Brittany Fleming is a K-4 library media specialist in Northwest Arkansas. Prior to the library, she worked as a 4th-grade teacher. In 2015, Brittany was awarded teacher of the year for her elementary school by her sta. ff. Brittany is the creator of a book tournament program for her district that won the Arkansas Association for Instructional Media’s (AAIM) 2017 Media Program of the Year. In 2018 she served on the Arkansas Department of Education Instructional Media Specialist Frameworks Revision Committee. Along with teaching, Brittany is currently serving as the AAIM Awards Committee Chair and the Conference Vendor Chair.


Retired from the Ventura County Office of Education as an Educational Technology Specialist, Dana Greenspan now serves as a consultant specializing in student data privacy, copyright and fair use, and education technology planning.  Currently, she is leading the CA roll-out for CopyrightandCreativity.org, an educational non-profit that offers free K-12 curriculum and professional development. Ms. Greens
pan served as Co-Chair of the VCOE e-Safety Task Force, and as a leader in the area of student data privacy, she has been instrumental in working with CETPA to bring a statewide privacy registry, the CA Student Privacy Alliance and its accompanying statewide agreement, the CA Student Data Privacy Agreement, to all California schools.  She has served on the TTSC/CISC subcommittee on tech plans for CCSESA and was a member of ISTE’s E-rate Advisory Group making recommendations for E-rate 2.0. She has participated in iKeepSafe’s Student Privacy Roundtables and has presented at CEPTA, NASSP, Lead 3.0, SDPC, and CUE, and has written on data privacy for CETPA, CUE and NAESP.

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