What Educators Are Saying

About C&C Lesson Plans

“I am excited about having these practical, useful tools to teach a complex topic. Finally someone has made copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons understandable for young people.”

~ Diana Graber, Cyberwise co-founder, Cyber Civics founder, Cyber Civics teacher at Journey School, winner of NAMLE 2107 Media Literacy Teacher Award

“These lessons are incredible. They help me teach the importance of copyright and fair use as my class does weekly research and inquiry.”

~ Jennifer Asay, M.Ed., fourth grade teacher

“The C&C Copyright curriculum gives me quality, well-vetted, and easy-to-use lessons that are ready to go. As a teacher, I have so much on my plate. The [C&C] curriculum gives me high quality, well-vetted, and easy to use lessons that are ready to go. I know that many of my colleagues are uneasy about teaching copyright since they don’t always have a clear understanding of it either. This curriculum ensures that teachers everywhere have the tools to start this critical conversation with their students.

~ Kami Cottrell, Educator,  Encinitas Union School District

2021 Recipient of the AASL Best Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning award.

~ American Association of School Librarians

“The curriculum was successful at teaching students about key concepts of copyright. . . Eighty-four percent of students said they learned something new and useful.”

 ~ Center on Media and Child Health, Boston Children’s Hospital, from the summary of its evaluation the curriculum

About C&C Professional Development Course:

“I took your entire PD course in Canvas tonight—it was great! I took lots of notes and enjoyed the learning modules. I’ll probably even go back and watch it again in a few weeks. . . I am THRILLED to know about your site, particularly because it has materials to help educate adults! I’m on a bit of a mission to teach other adults how important all of this is, and I will be most thankful to receive the posters as a visual reminder and to help me further the cause. I have registered on your site and also just followed you on Twitter—it’s nice to know there’s an organization out there that also supports good #DigCit for grown ups! . . . Thanks for all the great content!”

~ Kathi Kersznowski, Tech Integration Expert

About C&C Conference Workshops

Thank you for a great session at PSLA 2021! I had no idea this resource existed…and, for free!! I would love to get the posters for my library.

~ Jane Farrell, MLIS Librarian

“I attended Dana’s session at PSLA yesterday and just finished your session this morning. Thank you so much – it was such a great presentation!! I was hoping to get copies of the free infographics for the libraries in my district. They are wonderful! Your suggestion to put the in the copy room is a great idea!”

~ Heather Logan, Library Media Specialist

“Wow! Absolutely LOVED your session! I am very interested in some of your large posters. . . Thanks again for that spark of inspiration to get moving with more depth in the area of copyright with my elementary learners!   

~ Tracy Brawner, Educator

“Great presentation. Thanks for sharing the resources. There is some fantastic stuff there to go through.”

~ Brian Adams, Educator, IB Reflective Project Advisor

“I am very excited to begin teaching this curriculum! I teach Digital Art.”

~ Kelly Tokoly-Rothermel, Middle School Digital Art Teacher

“I just found out about your website, what an awesome resource! I would love to have your copyright posters for my classroom.”

~ Lauren Hopkins, Digital Media Arts Instructor

“I just attended a great webinar on ‘Teaching Copyright & Fair Use-C&C.’ I am really excited to access all of the free resources for my classes.”

~ Krista Verardo, Southern California 7th Grade Teacher


“THIS PRESENTATION WAS WONDERFUL!!!!! Every bit of the presentation was incredibly well delivered. The examples provided are relatable to students and staff alike and will be incorporated into lessons I plan to rework over the summer! The suggestions for how to teach copyright organically in our spaces was so helpful.”

“So many great videos and links were shared! They will help me to update my Copyright lessons.”

“Great resources for teaching copyright”

“I am going to expand my copyright/plagiarism/creative commons unit to include many of the ideas, tools and infographics shared.”

“I loved the slides, and it is so helpful to be able to save to Waklet.”

“All of this information was valuable. It is so relevant for what I need to educate students and staff members.”

“LOVE the free posters! They will be extremely helpful during those uncomfortable conversations with teachers!”