Independent Learning Videos

The videos on this page cover the same topics as the middle school lessons. The videos may be used to introduce students to these topics or to reinforce material taught in class.

LESSON 1: Creativity in the Online World — Our Roles as Creators and Consumers

1 Creators and Consumers of Media Online 2 min
2 Why Should I Care About Copyright? (NatGeo: Autopsy of a T. Rex) 5 min
3 What’s Up with Copyright Anyway?— A Brief (Very Brief) History and Copyright Basics 5 min
4 Permission Not Required—The Limitations of Copyright: Facts & Ideas, Fair Use, and Time (Public Domain) 8 min
5 Copyright in the Real World—Dude Perfect, Taylor Swift, Wu Tang Clan 5 min

LESSON 2: Acquiring Content Legally and Ethically

6 What is Copyright Infringement, and Why Does it Matter? 5 min
7 Finding Media Online: What’s Lawful and What’s Not 5 min

LESSON 3: Sharing Content — How Much is OK?

8 Sharing Media Legally and Ethically 5 min

LESSON 4: Creating New Content Using Others’ Work

9 Using Copyrighted Works in Our Own Creations: Fair Use, Creative Commons, Permissions, and Public Domain 3 min
10 Using Others’ Creative Work With Permission 4 min
11 Help! I Need Something: Finding Creative Work with (Almost) No Restrictions 5 min
12 (Optional) Creative Commons: Wanna Work Together 3 min
13 Permission Not Required (Fair Use section ONLY with intro/outro) 5 min
14 Fair Use in the Real World: Jon Stewart, Food Chain Barbie, Richard Prince, and More 14 min