LESSON A: Creativity in the Online World — Copyright Basics and Our Roles as Creators and Consumers

This lesson asks students to reflect on their own roles as both consumers and creators of creative work. Students are introduced to:

  • The purpose of copyright and the protections it provides to creators.
  • Copyright’s limitations—what copyright doesn’t cover, such as facts and ideas, fair use, and public domain works.
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Ways to access this lesson

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Video clips for in-class lessons*

Video Link Video Id Description Runtime
(w/o credits)
View Video Video HS-1 NatGeo, “T.Rex Autopsy – Stomach like a bird” 3:04
View Video Video HS-2 NatGeo, “Behind the scenes  of T.Rex Autopsy” 2:43
View Video Video HS-3 “What’s Up with Copyright Anyway?—A Brief (Very Brief) History and Copyright Basics” 7:00
View Video Video A.2
“Why Should I Care About Copyright?”
(“Autopsy of a T. Rex” and “Behind the Scenes” combined)
View Video Video HS-4 “Dude Perfect on Jimmy Kimmel” 2:10

*  These videos are intended for use in in-class lessons. If you intend to have students use the videos independently, please note that some districts restrict student access to external links.  To allow access, students may need to use the alternative links found here.

** Video runtimes do not include the credits.

Supplemental Materials

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