LESSON 3: Sharing Content — How Much is OK?

When we find new music or movies that we love, our natural inclination might be to share those with our friends. That’s a good thing, and good citizens know how to do it! Lesson 3 teaches how to draw the line between sharing that is legal and ethical and sharing that violates copyright law.

Graphic depicting files being shared across multiple devices like cellphone, tablet, laptop & desktop

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View Video 3.1 “Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Recalls Battle with Napster” 4:08
View Video 1.3
(Review) “What’s Up with Copyright Anyway?—A Brief (Very Brief) History and Copyright Basics” 5:30

*  These videos are intended for use in in-class lessons. If you want students to use the videos independently, please note that some districts restrict student access to external links.  Students may need to access videos at the alternative links found here.

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