LESSON 4: Creating New Content Using Others’ Work

In our role as creators, we often want to use others’ creative work in our own work. For example: Maybe we want to make a collage of images or a movie mashup. Lesson 4 teaches about fair use, which allows us to use copyright protected work in certain situations without permission, and also shows us where to find creative works that we are free to use with little or no restrictions.

Silhouette of side-view of a female that is created using various imagery elements

Ways to access this lesson


Video clips for in-class lessons*

Video Link Video ID Description Runtime
(w/o credits)**
View Video 1.4 (Review) “Permission NOT Required—The Limits of Copyright: Ideas & Facts, Fair Use, and Public Domain” 4:35
View Video 4.1 Christian Marclay, “The Clock” 3:23
View Video 4.2 Jon Stewart, “The Sandlot” 4:56
View Video 4.3 “Help! I Need Something: Finding Creative Work with (Almost) No Restrictions—Public Domain and Creative Commons” 4:42
View Video 4.4 Creative Commons, “Wanna Work Together” 2:30
View Video 4.5 Creative Commons, “A Shared Culture” 3:20
View Video 4.6 “Vari-Colored Songs—Layla McCalla Kickstarter” 3:31
View Video 4.7 The Orwells, “Who Needs You” 1:20
View Video 4.8 iPad Air Ad, “Change” 1:00
View Video 4.9 Survivor, “Eye Of The Tiger”
(Not necessary to play the whole song.)

*  These videos are intended for use in in-class lessons. If you want students to use the videos independently, please note that some districts restrict student access to external links.  Students may need to access videos at the alternative links found here.

** Video runtimes do not include the credits.

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